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Choose Your Approach to Investing

ICMA-RC helps public sector employees invest so they can realize retirement.

1) Build Your Own Portfolio

Combine individual stock and bond funds in a diversified portfolio.

Get help – Guided Pathways® Guidance or Advice.

2) Keep It Simple

Target-date and target-risk funds offer diversification and risk management in one fund.

3) Have Your Accounts Managed for You

Get ongoing account management – Guided Pathways® Managed Accounts*

Learn More

  • Learn more about choosing your investing approach.
  • Want more investment choices? You may be eligible for VantageBroker, providing access to thousands of additional mutual funds as well as ETFs and individual stocks, bonds and CDs.
  • Questions? Contact your ICMA-RC representative.

*Managed Accounts is not available in all 401/457 plans.